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"Hey Greg, I'm interested!  What's next?"

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  • Accept and own that you have challenges. Ask yourself...

    • Is it worth it to me to overcome my challenges?​

    • What about those I am connect to?

    • What might be the cost for me to NOT overcome my challenges?

    • How successful have I/we been without help?

  • Recognize that change takes time. Ask yourself...

    • Am I willing to invest time, energy, and resources to change?​​​

    • Am I willing to partner with an experienced Coach over time?

    • Am I willing to commit to a 3-to-6 month coaching engagement?

  • Don't delay. Call Coach Greg today!

The reality is positive change takes 5 things:

1. A committed partnership with someone who is for you.

2. New insights and tools.

3. A structured process, provided by a process expert.

4. A commitment to take action, and...

5. Accountability.

Conversational Intelligence® Works!
C-IQ has helped thousands of people in organizations of all sizes and many different types.
C-IQ can be powerfully helpful to couples, parents, teams, managers, executives, and more... 
... to all people and all conversations.
You, too, can get on a path to start having better -- less conflict, and deeper -- more meaningful -- conversations today.
Push the button to get started today!
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