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“The Conversational Intelligence model by Judith Glaser that Coach Greg introduced me to has become an invaluable resource to my life. It has transformed the way I counsel, the way I lead, the way I preach, and the way I interact with those around me. My view on conversations with people and my daily interaction with those around me has completely taken a turn for the better. What I like about Conversational Intelligence is that not only is it easy to understand, but it is extremely practical and can be put into practice immediately. 

I highly recommend anyone and everyone to sit down with Coach Greg and learn about Conversational Intelligence, I promise you will never look at conversations the same way again!”

Pastor Israel.jpg

Pastor Israel Velasco

Feb. 2017

“Greg’s lessons on Conversational Intelligence have quickly become my most valuable assets. Understanding the three different levels of conversation has benefited my professional relationships and impacted my home life in a positive and lasting matter. Do yourself a favor and add Conversational Intelligence to your skill set today!”

Nestor E.png

Nestor E.

Apr. 2018

“This workshop will hit you in the gut! The small group and weekly sessions created a safe place to express myself and to connect the lessons and tools to life experiences. I started the class while grieving the loss of my mom and it has aided me in dealing with this loss. Nothing is more important than building more meaningful relationships with your family and community.”

Liz C.

Aug. 2017

"Greg is very committed to the coaching process and truly cares about the people he is coaching.  New insight and thoughts during the coaching sessions help break down the obstacles and give me a fresh viewpoint on the subjects I am trying to improve on.  By holding me accountable to myself, Greg helps me achieve my objectives. I highly recommend Greg as a coach for people looking to be successful in their objectives."


Kevin F.

Feb. 2012

"Greg's approach to coaching is efficient and effective. I own the agenda and we get to the heart of the matter without a lot of clutter. Greg helped to identify blind spots in my approach to problem solving, and gave me practical direction on the best path for a solution for my problem. I have seen results within just days after our coaching session. I have used Greg to coach me with personal/relationship issues as well as professional issues, all with good success." 


John S.

Feb. 2012

"To get to our next level of greatness depends on the quality of our culture,

which depends on the quality of relationships,

which depends on the quality of our conversations....

Everything happens through conversation!" 


- Judith E. Glaser

"The Conversation Is the Relationship!" 


- Susan Scott

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